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Core Policy

Title: What Is a Core Valve in Remanufactured Automotive Parts?

  1. Definition: A core valve is an original manufactured automotive part that has already served its purpose in a vehicle. Instead of being discarded, it gets a second life through the remanufacturing process.

  2. Recycling and Reuse: When a part becomes worn or damaged, it is removed from the vehicle and designated as the “core.” This core is then sent to specialized facilities where it undergoes rigorous restoration.

  3. Remanufacturing Process: During remanufacturing, the core valve is meticulously disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and rebuilt. Skilled technicians follow specific technical specifications to ensure its functionality matches or exceeds that of the original part.

  4. Quality Assurance: Remanufactured core valves undergo rigorous testing to verify their performance, durability, and reliability. They are restored to a like-new condition, making them a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative.

  5. Environmental Impact: By embracing core valves and remanufacturing, we contribute to sustainable practices by reducing waste and conserving resources.

The core value will be credited back to you contingent on the return of the original item. You must return your core item inside the box the replacement part was received. Any oils or fluids MUST be drained from the part! The core's condition must be deemed "complete with normal wear and tear." The cost of freight to return the core is the responsibility of the customer. Core return credits are subject to our review and acceptance of the condition of the core item returned to us.

Core Return Directions and Guidelines

  • Cores must returned within 30 days of the original invoice date unless otherwise specified.

  • Cores with cracked housings, broken shafts, or broken major components will not be accepted for credit. Cores must exhibit normal wear and tear conditions.

  • Cores must be drained of internal fluids. Failure to drain oil from the core will result in a $100 handling charge upon receipt at our warehouse.

  • Cores should be "reasonably" cleaned of exterior oil, grease, and dirt.

  • Cores should be wrapped in plastic when repacked for shipment. A garbage bag will suffice.

  • Repack your core inside the box the replacement part was received in. It is extremely important that the core be returned inside its original box for identification purposes.

  • YOU MUST enclose the packing list that was emailed to you inside the box before securing it so that your return can be identified properly when received at our warehouse. This assures that we receive proper credit for your return.

  • Securely tape your package closed.

  • PLEASE mark the outside of your box clearly and in large lettering with the words "CORE RETURN". This helps make sure that your package remains identified within the warehouse as a core.

  • Be sure to send to:

Newark Truck Center - Core Returns
451 Frelinghuysen Ave
Newark, NJ 07114
Phone: (973) 381-7278
Fax: (973) 589-3447

  • Please use a shipping carrier that provides package tracking capability. UPS, FedEx, and USPS all provide this service. Package tracking is extremely helpful to resolve any disputes. and gives you a record of the return date.

  • You are responsible for return freight costs. 

  • Please email your package tracking information to us at so that we may assist you with the expediting of your return credit.

  • Please allow about 45 days for your credit be processed.

  • Your credit will be issued against the original payment method from the originally placed order. 

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