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PTO - 8500 Series, E Ratio, Regular Shifter, Fuller, Assembly 1, DIN 8T, 4 Bolt, Eaton Bezares


Bezares’s 8500 Series PTO is an 8-bolt standard PTO made for heavy duty use, engineered for Eaton transmissions. It is a very durable PTO with a wide range of input gears, shifters, speed ratios, and output shafts to meet all applications.


Bezares is a global manufacturer of Power Take Offs (PTOs), hydraulic pumps, fittings, tanks, valves and other related mobile hydraulic power components. In addition to designing mobile power solutions, Bezares post-sale service and support is provided through Eaton's extensive Roadranger field team.


Bezares PTOs are manufactured with 33% deeper gear tooth carburization which creates stranger gear surfaces. Large, overside bearings produce long life on higher torque applications. Featuring Garlock gaskets for better tear resistance and easier installation. Most internal O-rings are Viton providing excellent resistance to chemicals and outstanding heat stability.


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